Nikki Brown


“I'm so excited! You have made my vision come true! So easy to work with you. Thank you!” - Abbie Massetti, Financial Development Officer / Dental Center of NWO

Nikki has a unique responsibility. As the Director of MadAveCollective, she helps nonprofits market their organizations. But, often, those groups are working with a limited budget. So, she and her team need to get creative. Sometimes that means re-prioritizing the client's goals.

“We met with a client who had only a small amount of money for a video project,” said Nikki. “During our initial discovery meeting, we learned that the group was going through changes at the national level that weren’t popular with a large portion of their donor base. I proposed that we change the focus of the video to address those changes. The client was extremely happy with the video and the local campaign. They've expressed interest in us running all their marketing now. They view MadAveCollective as trusted advisors.”

“You have been a big help and a great resource.” - Michael Stoepler, Executive Director / The Expressive Therapies Center Toledo

That trust comes from knowing how to connect with people and identify their needs and pains. “Building relationships and solving problems are very exciting to me,” said Nikki. “I think my gift of gab has a lot to do with that ability.” And because she's naturally curious, she has a genuine desire to learn about what her clients do and how they do it.

Nikki's other strengths? “I keep all the moving parts and people in a project focused and on track. And I think I’m good at helping organizations make the best use of their marketing funds.”

“Here at MadAveGroup, the people, the camaraderie, authenticity and enthusiasm inspire me,” said Nikki. “We have a creative culture that includes passionate people. It’s exciting to be in this mix. The energy is contagious.”


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+1 419.724.7345

“Nikki, we are enjoying our experience working with you very much. Thanks for your patience as we work at our snail’s pace!” 

Deidra Lashley
Bethany House

“I was sad to not see some faces at today’s luncheon. You missed a phenomenal presenter - Nikki Brown. No worries, though. She has committed to present again, sometime next year. You don’t want to miss this!"

Brian James Roush, Sales & Marketing Coordinator
The Oasis Restaurant

"Nikki, Thank you for being such an awesome human. I appreciate you."

Renee Palacios, Executive Director
Family House