Scott Greggory


Scott is the recipient of the 2021 Silver Medal Award, the highest honor presented by the American Advertising Federation of Toledo. It's an acknowledgement of those who've made outstanding contributions to advertising, while demonstrating a commitment to the industry's highest standards, creative excellence and social concerns. 

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“I work with clients to simplify, clarify and elevate their message," said Scott. "Using authentic dialogue, I apply my 'who cares?' questioning to help them identify their company’s true value to consumers."

"I am hard-pressed to challenge any of [these ideas] based on your reputation and experience." - Joanna Hunter / Kingston Healthcare

Scott joined the BusinessVoice staff in 1993, moved up to Creative Director in 1996, and is now MadAveGroup's Chief Creative Officer. He's also one of our employee shareholders.

In May 2017, he was named to the Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only organization for senior-level executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies.  

Scott says that "good creative is so important because 1) it establishes the tone for the brand and 2) it captures the audience’s attention and then draws them into the message. From there, we can educate, persuade and motivate.”

Scott is a pioneer of Humor On Hold. In fact, he coined the phrase. "I believe in the power of humor to disarm, differentiate, and deliver memorable impressions that an audience will recall long after their initial exposure to the content. And I believe in pie."

"Superbly written copy and extremely dry humor that was a perfect match for what could've been a dull subject. I laughed out loud at points, and when a caller starts with that reaction, it's a great way to start a conversation.” - Jim Hausfeld / Agency Creative Director & MARCE Awards Judge

His work has been recognized more than 150 times in local, regional, national and international award competitions. Past honors include Telly Awards, three Best of Show ADDY Awards, several regional and Judge’s Choice ADDYS, plus an industry-leading fourteen awards from the Experience Marketing Association, and nods from The One Show, The Internet Advertising Competition, The Communicator Awards and The Silver Microphone Awards. He's served several times as an ADDY Awards judge and has served on the national Telly Awards Judging Council since 2018. 

When speaking to groups, Scott focuses on developing content and messaging, the creative process, his "who cares?" concept, and using humor in marketing and advertising.

Scott is a former radio broadcaster and was the co-founder of a sketch comedy group. He has written and performed comedic material many times for AAF Toledo’s ADDY Awards ceremony.

A strong believer in the value of music education, Scott served for four years as the president of the Adrian Music Boosters.   

"You obviously have a gift and passion for marketing and all things related! It’s really inspiring and wonderful that you take the time to share your insight in all the ways that you do!" - Sue Shepich, Marketing Manager / Marshall Music


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I work to create content that produces an emotive response in the audience, whether it’s a WOW moment, the excitement of learning something new or, ideally, laughter. That type of content stands a much better chance of being remembered, shared and enjoyed.

Scott Greggory

"Scott, it is a true pleasure to work with a professional as talented as you."

Chris Mitsos, Vice President
Mountain View Tire and Auto Service

"Hi Scott - Congratulations on Best of Show! I was in charge of the Fifth District ADDY Awards judging and was there when we played your On Hold Messaging. Very creative. I remember the judges commenting that it was a great use of an underutilized medium. Funny (and effective) stuff. Also goes to show that you don't need to go to the big city to get great creative work. Good luck in the national competition."

John McCafferty
McCafferty and Company Advertising

"In April 2013, we retained the services of Scott Greggory to provide narration for several web videos. Scott provided much more than his incredible voice. He did a review of our rough cuts and offered suggestions on different edits...He worked with us on organizing the content of each video...He searched his library to find background music...And his voiceovers exceeded our expectations, matching the mood and content of the videos. Our end product was much stronger than what we started with. We had more views of our videos than we have had on any other past web project more than 30,000. I will not hesitate to enlist Scott's services again, and would highly recommend him for any video project."

Luann Sharp, Assistant Managing Editor
The Blade

“I just got done reading the [On Hold Marketing] script and laughed the entire time. It was awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever read copy that had me laughing so hard.”

Mike Richardson
Binkelman Corp.

"Scott - It was great to see a professional at work. It still amazes me when someone with talents such as yours makes it look so easy being in front of a camera or microphone.”

Eric Eggly

"The video is awesome! You did an incredible job, as usual. I'm so impressed by the 1950s look you created. The acting and costumes were perfect. The intro music is fun and relevant, and the script was well written and funny. You did an excellent job! Thanks, Scott."

Sharon Goldner, Marketing Manager
Parker Steel Company

"I love to read good copy. There's so much bad copy out there in our industry. As always your copy is outstanding! Thank you!"

Steve Davis
Grand Home Furnishings