Steve Evert


A member of our team since 2009, Steve is our Executive Vice President of Operations and Director of BusinessVoice, our Caller Experience Marketing agency.

He excels at breaking down complex problems into their individual components, then working to develop solutions. He also promotes “doing what you say you’re going to do and taking pains to maintain crystal clear communication.”

“Steve - It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’ve transformed our On Hold Marketing program in the short time that you’ve had it. It’s no longer a pain in my side. And our messages are always fresh. Thanks again for everything!” - Jennifer Gee / PDM Steel Service Centers

Steve knows that trust is the foundation of any good relationship. “We’re always going to do what’s best for our clients, even if it might be painful for us as an agency in the short term.” For instance, it’s not uncommon for Steve to refer new business opportunities to other agencies, despite a company’s desire to work with our team. “Sometimes, we’re not a good fit for the prospect and, in the long run, we’ll both be more successful if we point them in a direction that’s more appropriate,” he said. “We strive for win-win relationships, and those begin with a commitment to the client.”

What excites Steve about his work? “Seeing the people we work with succeed.”

He’s been a featured speaker at industry conferences and has served on the Board of Directors for the Experience Marketing industry's international trade association. He’s designed Caller Experience Marketing programs for hundreds of brands throughout the United States and abroad. He also developed our Caller Experience Audit process and oversees its execution. BusinessVoice is one of the few agencies in the world that delivers the type of valuable information this service uncovers.

“We have many clients who’ve been with us for 25 years,” Steve said. “I think that says a lot about our client focus.”

"Thanks, Steve! We wouldn’t be First Fed Delta without you!"

Craig Fortin, President / CEO
First Fed Delta

"Thanks, Steve. I think we made a good choice with MadAveGroup. We’re looking forward to working with you and the group!"

Jerry Culkowski
City of Toledo, Dept. of Neighborhoods 


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[email protected]
+1 419.724.7311

I enjoy identifying, breaking down and solving new or uncomfortable problems and challenges, while mentoring the same skill in others. I also like looking for ways to make people smile.

Steve Evert