Brandi Wester


“The worst thing I could be is stagnant,” said Brandi. “I’m always trying to learn and grow.”

That inquisitive nature makes Brandi a good Marketing Manager. “There’s always more to learn about a client: their day-to-day goals and motivations, their processes, culture, how they approach hiring and training and how all of that affects their operation and success.”

In her previous role, Brandi was the local Marketing Director for a national B2C bakery. In 2023, she earned the Silver Sales Award for reaching $1.2 million in annual sales, as well as the $100,000 Circle Award for increasing sales by $165,000 YOY. She has also created new employee training and development programs for several companies.

“At its core, marketing is about connection,” said Brandi. “But the quality and longevity of those connections are keys to marketing success. Strong relationships are based on trust. That’s why sincerity, integrity and honest communication are so important, whether it’s between a company and its agency or any contact with the customer.”

Brandi and her husband like animals, hiking and camping. She even created a Certified Monarch Waystation in their yard. “It helps monarch butterflies with their migration and producing successive generations. After providing the caterpillars a safe environment to complete their life cycle, I’m able to release 20 to 25 monarchs into the wild each year.”

Brandi Wester

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I’ve always been inquisitive; fascinated with how and why things are. I used to think that achieving goals was success. Now I know it’s the journey and the knowledge I gain along the way that gets me going. I believe my opportunities at MadAveGroup are limitless. I end my days feeling mentally stimulated with an excitement about what tomorrow will bring.

Brandi Wester