Katie Schroeder


"The best marketing creates relationships and builds trust," says Katie. "People want companies to respect their intelligence and their needs. They want to know that the companies they buy from will be there when they need them, not just when the company wants to sell them something."

A 2009 graduate of Bowling Green State University, Katie helped start the internal marketing department for a local realty company and built it into a successful operation. She excels at helping companies budget and plan their marketing so they can be prepared throughout the year. "Staying organized and on task are both very important to me. Those skills come in handy when running a marketing team."

"I've worked with many types of marketing channels and have also provided a lot of creative work over the years, including photography and graphic design. That range of experience has given me a nice overview to see a lot of options for my clients."

Katie and her husband have three kids, two dogs and a cat, but before she settled into family life, she visited all 50 states before turning 20 years old.

"Good marketing should consistently create value for the audience," says Katie. "That goes a long way toward building customer trust and loyalty."

Katie Schroeder

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