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scent-award-shadowSensoryMax - MadAveGroup's Sensory Marketing agency - was named the 2014 Scent Marketer of the Year on June 13th. The award is presented each year by the Scent Marketing Institute during the ScentWorld conference in New York City.

The reasons for the win include 1) our development and use of signature scents as a branding tool, and 2) our strong client relationships, including those with the Ford and Lincoln Motor companies.

Enza Sleva is the Lincoln Client Experience Manager. "As we transform our dealer network to provide a higher level of client experience, we look for ways to engage the senses of every visitor," wrote Sleva. "The Essence of Lincoln scent is an extension of that initiative. We applaud SensoryMax for this recent honor and thank them for helping shape the future of the Lincoln showroom experience."

Seay Accepts SMI Award

SensoryMax Director Michael Seay accepts the 2014 Scent Marketer of the Year Award at the ScentWorld Conference in New York City. 

SensoryMax partnered with Master Perfumer Rene Morgenthaler to create Essence of Lincoln, the automotive brand's signature scent. Morgenthaler is the man who developed Passion by Elizabeth Taylor, one of the world's best-selling celebrity-endorsed perfumes.

"My approach to the fragrance design was to preserve the rich heritage of Lincoln, while incorporating vibrant, modern elements for a unique and sophisticated signature scent," said Morgenthaler. "I am privileged to be part of revitalizing a classic American brand."

"SensoryMax has shown real professionalism and leadership in the field of Sensory Marketing," wrote Jennifer Dublino, VP of Development for the Scent Marketing Institute. "Their work with Lincoln is making a significant difference not only to the client in terms of a more pleasant shopping experience and a stronger brand that is solidly positioned for the future, but also by demonstrating the efficacy of a well-conceived sensory marketing program that can have similar results for other brands."

To begin a conversation about adding Aroma Marketing and a signature scent to your branding efforts, contact Michael Seay at 419/473-9000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



sm-logo-horizontal-colorSensoryMax, the Sensory Marketing agency of MadAveGroup, has been nominated for Scent Marketer of the Year.

Presented by the Scent Marketing Institute, the award honors the company that has done the most to promote the Scent Marketing industry during the past year.

The SensoryMax team earned the nomination for multi-sensory and aroma marketing programs it developed for Lincoln Motor Company, Ford Motor Company, Virginia Tire & Auto, and Ocean Bank.

The Scent Marketer of the Year will be announced during the ScentWorld 2014 conference in New York City, June 12-13, 2014.

ScentWorld"We approach Aroma Marketing differently than most others in our industry," said Director of SensoryMax Michael Seay. "A signature scent is a powerful marketing tool. It's an essential element of a complete brand experience. I think it's that unique approach that the Scent Marketing Institute appreciated."

Seay said that a signature scent is every bit as important to a brand as its logo. The scent that SensoryMax developed for Lincoln, for instance, highlights the brand's attributes and deepens the customer experience at the dealership level. And because the sense of smell is so closely tied to memory, the scent will reinforce Lincoln's brand identity when a consumer encounters it in the future.

Aroma also elevates the customer experience. That's especially true at Virginia Tire & Auto. The company implemented SensoryMax's Aroma Marketing as part of its recent re-branding efforts, and customers are noticing. Several have even left positive comments on the aroma in Yelp reviews.

But SensoryMax doesn't focus solely on a brand's scent. "Every phase of the customer experience builds on the previous phase," Seay mentioned. "That's why we develop comprehensive Sensory Marketing programs."

What is Sensory Marketing?

SensoryMax uses audio, video, aroma and tactile strategies to stimulate and appeal to the senses of sight, smell, hearing and touch. The goal is to create unique, memorable branded impressions that encourage specific consumer behavior.

A few examples: lighting and video can be used to affect how people move through a retail space; background music will influence the mood, energy and pacing in a restaurant; and aroma can create a more pleasant shopping experience at a car dealership, while anchoring those moments in the customer's memory – often for many years!

About SensoryMax

An agency of MadAveGroup, SensoryMax engages consumer senses to create powerful brand impressions that encourage specific behavior. Learn more at or call 419/473-9000.

Internet Advertising Competition Award WinnerMadAveGroup has won a 2014 Internet Advertising Competition Award in the category of "Best Other Social Media."

The winning entry was the Facebook page we created and maintain for Spirit Services, a Columbus, Ohio-based company that provides uniform rental, shop and restroom supplies, corporate apparel, and other products and services.

We use a fun, retro look on the company's Facebook page (and their website) to differentiate the Spirit brand. The humorous content is designed to create an enjoyable, soft-sell experience for the audience and drive visitors to the company's website.

Entries in the Internet Advertising Competition are judged against other entries in their category based on the following criteria:

• Creativity
• Innovation
• Impact
• Design
• Copywriting
• Use of the medium
• Memorability

This award represents "outstanding achievement in Internet advertising," as determined by judges who represent "all aspects of the advertising and Internet worlds," according to the IAC website.

The Web Marketing Association produces the Internet Advertising Competition. The WMA was founded to help set higher standards for Internet marketing and corporate web development. The organization is made up of Internet marketing, advertising, PR and design professionals.


That's what Jennifer Weaver wrote about the On Hold Marketing in the video above.

Jennifer was one of several judges at the 2014 Fifth District ADDY Awards, held March 15th in Akron, Ohio.

As a group, the judges presented BusinessVoice with a Silver ADDY for "Binkelmania," a humorous On Hold Marketing production created for Binkelman Corporation. The BusinessVoice entry now moves on to compete at the national level.

Sponsored by the American Advertising Federation, the ADDY Awards is the largest creative competition in the world. Over 40,000 local entries compete in 200 markets across the United States. The Fifth District competition follows the local competition and includes the best entries from Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

For the fifth time, BusinessVoice has earned a Judge's Choice award at the northwest Ohio ADDY Awards competition.

At this year's ceremony, the MadAveGroup agency won two awards for the On Hold Marketing it created for Binkelman Corporation: a Silver ADDY Award and a Judge's Choice ADDY Award.

ADDY Judge Shaun Culbertson, Interactive Art Director at Adcom Group in Cleveland, Ohio, named the BusinessVoice entry his favorite for several reasons:

"I selected Binkelman's [On Hold Marketing] because of the unexpected comedy, quirkiness and edge! You actually want to wait on hold and hear what is said next. The script's humor is dry and sharp. The [music] and voices are catchy. I think it's very funny and creative. It paints Binkelman's personality as being comedic, but humble. I also like to see creative pushing boundaries and not too afraid to be a little on edge."

2014"That's exactly the response we're going for when we use humor on hold," said Scott Greggory, VP of Creative Services for MadAveGroup. "Humor is still underutilized in On Hold Marketing, so when you do hear it, it's a pleasant surprise. It draws you into the content, and allows us to deliver the marketing message to you painlessly."

Greggory, who wrote the award-winning production, says humor also makes the experience on hold more enjoyable for callers, while presenting the client as a company that cares about the time their callers spend on hold.

Listen to the award-winning On Hold Marketing production called "Binkelmania!" in the video above. 



Ocean BankAlthough it's a relatively new concept, aroma marketing is already producing results in even the oldest of institutions, according to an article at Bloomberg's

Titled "What Should a Bank Smell Like?," the piece focused on the effect aroma marketing is having in several banks around the world.

SensoryMax client Ocean Bank was named as one of the banks using aroma marketing to its advantage. The Miami-based financial institution has been receiving great client feedback consistently since the SensoryMax team developed and implemented their customized aroma marketing program.

"Your sense of smell can contribute so much to your positive feelings about places and products," said Michael Seay, Director of SensoryMax. "Introducing aroma as a brand component is the next natural step for marketers. It helps a company more fully express its brand identity."

Signature scents also can improve consumers' familiarity and comfort level with a brand, as well as their memory of interactions with the brand, all of which can drive sales. (Read the complete Bloomberg article here.) 

To discuss the strategic use of Aroma Marketing, contact Michael Seay at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 419/724-7374. 

Monday, 02 December 2013 09:55

MadAveGroup Helps at 2013 Holiday Parade

Is there any better way to spend a few hours than hangin' out with clowns?

Sure, there is. But clowns ARE pretty cool. That's why we're always happy to participate in the annual Blade Holiday Parade in our hometown of Toledo. Ohio.

Again this year, members of the MadAveGroup team worked the parade route with folks from Forrester's on the River, the great new restaurant at The Docks. 

As pacers, it's our job to make sure that each unit in the parade stays 50 feet apart. If you've ever seen a float ram into a marching band, or a horse trample a Grand Marshall, you know how important the job of a pacer is.

Speaking of cool clowns, this year's Holiday Parade featured more than 100 members of the Distinguished Clown Corps. The Corps is made up of local businesspeople who pay for the privilege of being a clown. The money raised helps to pay for the parade itself. Distinguished Clowns also appear at charitable functions throughout the year.

Holiday Parade

Steve Jerry and Steve

Santa and his helpers

Parade Pacer

Giant Mice


Friday, 15 November 2013 10:54

MadAveGroup Wins Pair of 2013 MarCom Awards

MadAveGroup has been recognized once again for "outstanding achievement" in the field of marketing and communications by the 2013 MarCom Awards, an international creative competition that includes entries by media conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies.

BusinessVoice, our On Hold Marketing agency, received the highest honor - a Platinum MarCom Award - for "Binkelmania," a humorous On Hold Marketing production we created for Binkelman Corporation. (Listen in the video below.)    

We also earned a Gold MarCom Award for a series of three radio spots we created for Spirit Services. (Listen to them in the video below.)

"The radio spots we produce for Spirit are not only designed to encourage a specific response," said VP of Creative Services Scott Greggory, "they support the company's brand identity. We want that audio to sound like what their website and social media channels look like. That way, there's a stronger connection with the brand as people move from the radio to Spirit's online world."

"That's one of the advantages of working with an agency like ours. Radio and TV stations are in the business of production and distribution, not necessarily great content creation. We focus on each client's message, supporting their brand identity, and strengthening the audience's perception of their company in a creative way," said Greggory. "Ours is a consistent and long-term approach." 

Tired of hearing about Toledo's brain drain? Then you'll like what MadAveGroup is doing in Toledo's UpTown district.

The agency has been developing The MadAveCollective, an open work space for writers, designers, videographers, photographers, animators, website developers and other creatives who want to work in a relaxed, affordable shared space, yet need a professional address where they can invite clients, hold meetings, and give presentations.


To open The Collective, a V.I.P. party will take place Friday, October 25th from 4 to 7pm at 1600 Madison Avenue, Floor 2, Toledo. The event will showcase the newly renovated Collective space.

At 4pm, Toledo Mayor Mike Bell, a representative from the Toledo Chamber of Commerce and MadAveGroup CEO Jerry Brown will participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony.

At 5:30pm, speakers from the public and private sectors will address the media during a press conference. Among the topics: future plans for Toledo's UpTown District.

There will also be free food and beverages from Manos and Manhattan's, live music, and the opportunity to network with local business and political leaders.

"The idea of The MadAveCollective is to bring a lot of creative energy to one area, so companies and agencies can find the talent they need for specific jobs, and talent can find freelance work," said Jerry Brown. "We hope that UpTown specifically and Toledo as a whole will benefit from that focused energy as well."

Members of The MadAveCollective also will be featured on a website where they can promote their services and portfolios. The site will include a rating system that allows users to choose creative talent based on the input of their past clients.

For more details on The Collective, visit To schedule a tour or to reserve your space, please call 419/473-9000.

fb-app-image-largeCould your company or your favorite charity use a marketing makeover?

If so, you'll be glad to know that you could win $15,000 in new marketing services from MadAveGroup.

We'll award the services to the winner of the MadAve Makeover promotion, which runs from October 1st through noon Eastern time October 24th, 2013.

"Get creative and let us know why your company or charity wants, needs or deserves $15,000 in marketing services," said Scott Greggory, Vice President of Creative Services. "We're looking for fun, imaginative entries that we can share with the world, and use to promote our entrants at the same time."

You can create original video, audio, graphics, photos, music or an entry of any other format that can be uploaded to the agency's Facebook page.

Win a $500 Prize Package

The person who submits the winning entry will receive a $500 makeover package of their own. It includes a $250 Macy's gift card, a $100 Massage Envy gift card, and a $150 Visa gift card.

The Dates

We'll announce the finalists on our Facebook page on Friday, October 25th. The winner of the $15,000 in marketing services will be announced on Friday, October 31st, 2013.

To enter and upload your entry, visit  

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