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Monday, 28 November 2011 14:13

BusinessVoice Wins Gold MarCom Awards

BusinessVoice and its in-house website design, development and marketing company have been recognized once again for creative and marketing excellence. The agencies won two 2011 Gold MarCom Awards on November 8th.

The team received an award for its work on the website for Mountain View Tire, a 30-store chain of tire and automotive service centers throughout southern California. Since we re-designed, built and have been marketing the new, the site has generated 218% more phone calls from unique, web-only phone numbers, and a 100% increase in online appointments.

We also manage Mountain View Tire’s social media and provide ongoing search engine optimization (SEO Marketing) and Website Marketing service to continually draw organic traffic to the site.

BusinessVoice also received a Gold MarCom Award for a humorous On Hold Marketing production it created for Walter’s Goodyear in Mission Viejo, California. (Watch the video version of the award-winner here.)

The agency has been acknowledged dozens of times for its funny approach to On Hold Marketing. “Often, callers will accept a company’s marketing information more readily if it’s mixed with humor,” said BusinessVoice Creative Director Scott Greggory. “Using humor on hold also works well because it’s not expected. It catches callers off guard, and then draws them in to listen more intently.”

Nick Mitsos and Mountain View Tire have been named Tire Dealer of the Year by Modern Tire Dealer magazine. MVT was selected as the 19th annual recipient of the award from more than 33,000 eligible independent tire dealers throughout North America. 

Mountain View Tire is a 30-store tire and automotive service company that serves Los Angeles and southern California. The company will celebrate its 25th year in business in 2012.

Mountain View Tire was nominated for the honor by its marketing agency, BusinessVoice. “We’ve worked with the Mitsos family and Mountain View Tire since 2005, and I can confidently say that no one is more deserving of this award,” said Scott Greggory, BusinessVoice Creative Director. A panel of judges evaluates the nominees on their business success, marketing and management skills, industry knowledge and community involvement.

“Mountain View Tire is known as the ‘home of the WOW experience,’” said Greggory. “That customer-first attitude begins at the top with [founder] Nick Mitsos, and permeates the culture. The success of their approach is reflected in the testimonials that Mountain View Tire’s customers voluntarily send in and the long-lasting relationships they’ve developed over the years.”

BusinessVoice and its in-house web company provide several Point-Of-Entry Marketing services to Mountain View, including Website Design-and-Build, Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, BE-Mail Email Marketing and On Hold Marketing.

Modern Tire Dealer, the magazine that presents the Tire Dealer of the Year award, has been the industry’s leading publication since 1919.

How do you typically react to being placed on hold?

With laughter?

Not likely, unless you happen to be calling a company that uses humor on hold from BusinessVoice.

(Listen to samples of Humor On Hold.)

“Humor is still underutilized in telephone applications,” says Scott Greggory, BusinessVoice Creative Director and an award-winning copywriter who’s been helping to differentiate companies with humorous On Hold Messaging for two decades.

“It’s everywhere else: on radio and TV, in print advertising and all over the Internet, but many brands have seemed reluctant to take a funny approach on hold.”

And that’s good for you, according to Greggory. He points out that your competitor’s reluctance to capitalize on humor can help your brand stand out even more distinctly when you choose to go the funny route. He says, “Humor on hold can be used very effectively to create a unique experience for callers. Not only can it be a positive surprise, it can leave a lasting impression that callers will remember and maybe even tell their friends about.”

Using Humor to Sell

“We employ humor to disguise the marketing message,” says Greggory. “It’s the audio equivalent of using a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. When we make callers on hold giggle, we lower their defenses and make the ‘real’ message easier to swallow. And by creating a fun, enjoyable telephone environment, we increase the likelihood that people will call back.”

BusinessVoice leads the On Hold Marketing industry in its creative approach to content. We've been acknowledged nearly 100 times by local, regional, national and international creative and marketing competitions. We’ve also received more awards from OHMA – the On Hold Messaging Association – than any other member agency.

Visit the BusinessVoice Humor On Hold page here. Or for more details on how OHM can work for your company, call 866/473-9000.

It wasn’t a radio commercial or magazine spread. Not a direct mail piece either. So, the region’s best advertising of the year must have been a billboard or banner ad, right? Nope and nope.

The Best of Show winner at the recent 2009 American Advertising Federation’s Fifth District ADDY Awards presentation was - hold for it - an On Hold Messaging production. Yeah, the stuff you hear while you’re waiting on hold.


“We get that reaction a lot when people find out what we do…and how many awards we’ve won doing it,” said Jerry Brown. He’s the founder and president of BusinessVoice, a Toledo-based Point-Of-Entry Marketing agency. (Click here to listen to the winning entry.)

For the record, BusinessVoice has won 69 local, regional and national awards for creative and marketing excellence since 1994, nearly all of them for funny On Hold Messaging they’ve created for various companies. BusinessVoice was named Best Of Show winner at the 5th District competition over 524 other entries from Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

(Listen to “The Ball Game,” a unique and award-winning On Hold Messaging production.)

“People aren’t expecting to laugh or be entertained after they’ve been put on hold,” said BusinessVoice Creative Director Scott Greggory. “That element of surprise can make the laugh even more enjoyable.” Greggory wrote the winning entry, an On Hold Messaging production for Amazing Space in Sylvania. He and Amy Scott served as the voice talent.

“What’s unusual about this Best Of Show win is that On Hold Messaging beat TV and radio and print and other forms of traditional advertising,” said Jerry Brown. “It’s proof of how effective On Hold Messaging can be at capturing an audience’s attention and delivering a client’s message in a fun and entertaining way.” (Hear more samples of humorous On Hold Messaging.)

The American Advertising Federation’s Fifth District ADDY judges were unanimous in their selection of the BusinessVoice entry as the Best of Show winner. “It was a very creative use of a typically underutilized medium. It was flawlessly executed,” said judge Rick Baptist.

How is humor on hold good for business?

“When it’s done well, humor can differentiate a business. Humor draws the audience in and makes them want to listen, and that opens their minds to the information on products and services,” said Brown. “A good laugh relaxes callers too; puts them in a better frame of mind, and that creates a better customer experience.”

BusinessVoice’s Best Of Show winner now goes on to compete at the national AAF ADDY Awards in Washington, DC in early June 2009.

Point-Of-Entry Marketing agency BusinessVoice earned three of the five trophies presented at this year's MARCE Awards, the annual competition presented by OHMA - the On Hold Messaging Association. The winners were announced April 16th at OHMA's 11th annual conference in St. Louis.

MARCE is an acronym for MARketing and Creative Excellence. The awards are given to acknowledge creative and marketing excellence among On Hold Messaging providers, with a long-term goal of continually raising the industry's standards, as well as the expectations of clients and their callers. For these reasons, the MARCE Award is a coveted symbol of industry leadership.


BusinessVoice has won more OHMA awards than any other organization - ten, since the competition began in 2005. (It was originally called The Holdie Awards.)

Once again, BusinessVoice used a humorous approach, winning a Judge's Choice Award for its work on behalf of The Binkelman Corporation and a pair of Silver MARCE Awards for two On Hold Messaging productions it created for Walter's Goodyear.

Click here to listen to "Here's a Fun Game You Can Play" for The Binkelman Corporation.

Click here to listen to "California Drivin'" for Walter's Goodyear.

Click here to listen to "Clown Cars" for Walter's Goodyear.

All entries were judged on their copy, voice, production value, and On Hold Messaging format. Special emphasis is placed on two more areas: creativity and marketing effectiveness. The three judges also provided written remarks on each entrant. About the BusinessVoice entries they wrote the following:

"Well-written, funny, irreverent. Wasn't hit over the head with facts. Could listen all day to these."

"Your final goal was well executed. Very well done. An interesting approach. Kept me listening and time passed quickly, while still featuring [the client's] product lines well."

"Another great entry from this group [BusinessVoice]. Writing is key to everything. Love the bit about the owner, Walter."

"Well done. Made the time pass pleasantly and with more than a chuckle or two."

For details on On Hold Messaging and other Point-Of-Entry Marketing services from BusinessVoice, please call 866/473-9000 or visit

The Point-Of-Entry Marketing agency BusinessVoice won five awards for creative and advertising excellence at the 2011 ADDY Awards, presented by the Advertising Club of Toledo, a local affiliate of the American Advertising Federation. The awards were announced at the ADDY Awards ceremony, which was held February 24, 2011 at the Stranahan Theatre Great Hall in Toledo, Ohio.

BusinessVoice earned two Gold ADDY Awards, two Silver ADDY Awards, and one of only three Judge's Choices Awards. Four of the wins were for humorous On Hold Marketing productions, and one was a humorous self-promotional online video for its in-house web company.

Why Use Humor On Hold? 

"We've had great success using humor on hold for our clients," said BusinessVoice Creative Director Scott Greggory. "Our first goal when applying funny content is to get the audience's attention. We know that callers can focus on other tasks or slip into a 'zombie stare' while they're on hold rather than listening to the On Hold Messaging, so we work to snap them out of it, and pull them in with humor. Once they're engaged, we can slip in the client's marketing message. And that message goes down a lot easier when it's wrapped in humor."

Greggory says BusinessVoice has earned more than 100 industry awards for creative and marketing excellence from local, regional, national and international competitions. No company in the On Hold Marketing industry can come close to that achievement, he says. In fact, BusinessVoice has also won more of the On Hold Messaging Association's MARCE awards than any other member company.

In explaining why he chose one of the BusinessVoice entries to receive a Judge's Choice Award, one ADDY judge wrote, "This piece rocks! The writing is key for any audio, print or visual advertising, especially for audio since it doesn't get an assist from pictures. The writing - and the delivery of the voice talent - made this piece stand out. In fact, both submissions from this entrant were creative, entertaining and, most importantly, informative. [The entry] elicited giggles and guffaws [from all judges]. I wanted to call the number and be put on hold, the stuff was so good. The key for me when it comes to audio is to entertain, then inform. Well done!"

Listen to the Award-Winning On Hold Messaging

To listen to the humorous On Hold Messaging that won the Judge's Choice ADDY Award, click here.

To listen to the humorous On Hold Messaging that won a Gold ADDY Award, click here.

To watch the 30-second online video that won a Silver ADDY Award, click here.

If your marketing efforts are only aimed at your customers' eyes and ears, you're missing an important target: their noses.

Most marketing strategies only appeal to the consumers' vision and hearing. That makes for a visually crowded and noisy marketplace, and intense competition for consumer attention is one of the reasons many marketing pieces fail to make a substantial impact.

By adding Aroma Marketing to your mix, you not only support your other marketing efforts, you make lasting impressions on your consumers via their sense of smell, a pathway to the brain that remains largely unexplored by marketers.

Aroma Marketing is an effective method for appealing to consumers for several reasons:

Scents don't have to pass through the filter of consciousness. While visual displays can be tuned out or glossed over, people don't chose to smell or not smell. Aromas are taken in and processed involuntarily.

Many studies have concluded that the sense of smell plays a critical role in the creation, storage, and retrieval of memories. This is because the olfactory bulb - the part of the brain responsible for odor processing - is located right next to the part that controls memory. A specific scent in your facility can trigger positive memories for your customers. They will then link that good smell and the good feeling to your brand. It's a phenomenon known as Emotional Anchoring.

Pleasant aromas in a store cause shoppers to linger up to 40% longer, and the longer they linger, the more likely they are to buy.

And there are other benefits. Aroma Marketing can:

  • Enhance mood and create excitement
  • Stimulate the brain and make a person feel awake and refreshed
  • Trigger desires and emotions
  • Decrease anxiety

BusinessVoice Aroma Marketing programs include a professional-grade micro-mist diffusion system that works in combination with cold-air technology to distribute scents. Rated "the best product on the market by far" in independent studies by International Flavors and Fragrances, this system preserves the integrity of the aroma oils and delivers long-lasting scent to any size room.

For more details on Aroma Marketing, please call Valerie Likens at 866/473-9000, extension 344.

Your company can now provide your callers on hold with an even more positive and diverse experience - and enjoy many marketing benefits as a result - thanks to the BusinessVoice News Network (BVNN).

Developed by BusinessVoice, the nation's leading Point-Of-Entry Marketing agency, the BVNN delivers current news headlines and other topical information to your callers on hold via your BusinessVoice On Hold Marketing system.

The BusinessVoice News Network team uses a high-speed Internet connection to download three stories into your system each weekday. Those stories are automatically mixed with your existing On Hold Marketing content, and then played for your callers on hold throughout the day during specific points in your On Hold Marketing production.

The Benefits of the BusinessVoice News Network

The BusinessVoice News Network makes a great impression on your callers. Not only will they enjoy the interesting and timely information, they'll appreciate that you make even better use of the time they spend on hold.

The diverse content appeals to a broad demographic range, which keeps a greater percentage of your callers engaged. In addition to "harder" news, BVNN story categories include major sports and entertainment headlines, recent survey results and business news, as well as the latest from the worlds of technology, personal finance, leisure, health and wellness, and other arenas.

The BusinessVoice News Network delivers content changes five days a week (Monday through Friday). That's especially beneficial if your company's customers call frequently. They're sure to enjoy the daily updates.

And while your callers are drawn in by the unique appeal of the BVNN content, your company still reaps the advantages of your customized On Hold Marketing from BusinessVoice. The two work together in a no-touch system that delivers maximum benefit to your company.

A Lot of Bang for the Buck!

The BusinessVoice News Network is very affordable. For about what you'd pay for a daily newspaper, you can treat your callers to fresh, interesting content each weekday.

Click here to learn more or to subscribe to the BusinessVoice News Network, or call 866/473-9000 and ask for Valerie Likens at extension 344.

After just 60 days, the new Mountain View Tire website ( was already responsible for a tremendous increase in unique phone calls to the company's 29 southern California tire and automotive service stores. The site was designed and built by BusinessVoice and then launched on August 30, 2010.

"In just the first two months it was online, we saw a 55% jump in calls to phone numbers that are only listed on the website," said Mountain View Tire Vice President Chris Mitsos. "And the number of daily requests for estimates has risen 150%! This site is getting found and people are responding to it." In fact, the site is attracting 67% more unique visitors than Mountain View Tire's old website. So, yes, the new site built by BusinessVoice is indeed getting found.

In the month of September alone, 758 coupons were printed from the new website; 1,096 coupons were printed in October, an increase of 44.5% in just one month.

The site's new Tire Selector attracted 3,103 unique views in September, and then 4,483 unique views in October, a 44.4% one-month increase.

In addition to its search engine-friendly construction, the site is supported by an ongoing Website Marketing program, which includes regular keyword-rich blog posts, an active Facebook page, and monthly content updates to the site itself, all of which attract the attention of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, and present Mountain View as a valuable car care resource to human visitors.

"We've worked with BusinessVoice for more than five years now on our On Hold Marketing program," wrote Mitsos, "and I am very excited to be working with their team on managing our new site."

Mitsos added, "The guys at BusinessVoice worked tirelessly to give us exactly what our vision was for our website, and once again, they hit a home run."

For more details, call BusinessVoice at 866/473-9000.

Point-Of-Entry Marketing agency BusinessVoice and its in-house website development agency have been recognized by the advertising and marketing industries once again.

In late October, BusinessVoice received a 2010 Gold MarCom Award and an Honorable Mention Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The agency won the Gold Award for the humorous On Hold Marketing production it created for itself, and the Honorable Mention for the funny On Hold Marketing created for Walter's Goodyear, an automotive service center located in Mission Viejo, California.

Then, on November 15th, BusinessVoice received several awards at the Business of Communications annual Crystal Awards ceremony. BusinessVoice won a pair of Crystal Awards of Excellence and one Award of Merit for the three humorous On Hold Marketing productions they entered. The team also took home four Merit Awards for two websites, a series of online videos, and an identity package.

BusinessVoice has been helping clients increase their customer share since 1989. The agency provides customized Point-Of-Entry Marketing services, including Aroma Marketing, Point-Of-Purchase Audio, On Hold Marketing, and an on hold news and information service called the BusinessVoice News Network. For more details, please visit or call 866/473-9000.  

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