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We're Making News

Exciting new services. Awards and recognitions. New clients, business partners and employees. You'll find details on those topics and many others here on our News page. To access our press releases, just click on the links below.

BusinessVoice has teamed with Music Choice, a supplier of satellite-delivered music. BusinessVoice will now offer the music service to its clients for the purposes of On Hold Messaging, Music On Hold, Point-of-Purchase Messaging, Background Music and other applications.

"Music Choice allows us to offer our clients a lot of different options in terms of musical formats," said BusinessVoice president Jerry Brown. "They provide a constant stream of music with no commercial interruption or talk." On Hold Messaging and Music On Hold clients who opt for Music Choice will benefit from the constantly changing music that accompanies their messaging. Point-of-Purchase clients can use the music channels to create interest or a specific mood, while entertaining shoppers or clients.

BusinessVoice president Jerry Brown has been elected to the Board of Governors of the Advertising Club of Toledo. ACT is a nonprofit organization of advertising and marketing professionals dedicated to the betterment of advertising and the community in which it exists.

"I'm excited about this opportunity to get more involved with ACT," said Brown. "I'm looking forward to working with my fellow board members to try to make the Ad Club of Toledo an even stronger organization."

BusinessVoice was recently honored as a National Finalist by the 2001 Silver Microphone Awards, a nationwide competition that recognizes the best local and regional audio advertising. We won for the humorous On Hold Messaging we produced on behalf of Discount Parts Exchange of Mansfield, Ohio.

BusinessVoice Creative Director Scott Greggory was also singled out as a National Winner for the radio campaign he wrote, voiced and directed for the Blissfield, Michigan-based Murder Mystery Dinner Train.

The Silver Microphone competition features 37 categories of audio advertising. Entries are judged on creativity, production quality, copy, concept, talent and overall effectiveness.

BusinessVoice has been named the winner of a 2000 Crystal Award of Excellence from the National Communicator Awards. The annual competition recognizes communication excellence in several audio and video categories. BusinessVoice won the top prize for its humorous On Hold Messaging produced on behalf of Midwest Computer Support. This year, 97 Crystal Awards were presented to winners from various agencies, radio stations and production houses from around the country. Entries for the 2000 audio competition totaled 631.

Monday, 30 October 2000 20:00

BusinessVoice Moves to Downtown Location

Local audio marketing agency BusinessVoice is proud to announce the opening of its new downtown studios and offices at 1600 Madison Avenue. The agency was previously located at Alexis and Talmadge. The new offices provide the space to accomodate the agency's steady growth, as well as a more client-friendly atmosphere.

"This new space is perfect for our needs, both now and in the foreseeable future," said BusinessVoice president Jerry Brown. "We're also very happy to be a part of the downtown business community now and the exciting redevelopment of the Adams Street area."

Saturday, 30 September 2000 20:00

Director of Web Services Named

Toledo-based BusinessVoice has announced the promotion of Rich Schurfeld to Director of Web Services.

Schurfeld brings to the position an in-depth knowledge of the Internet and its tremendous potential as a sales and marketing tool. He will focus the department's efforts on Web Audio Messaging, a new element of Internet marketing that BusinessVoice continues to pioneer.

"Rich is a unique individual," said BusinessVoice President Jerry Brown. "He has a thorough knowledge of the complexities and technical details of the Internet, yet he thinks conceptually. That allows him to more effectively identify real world business applications."

A Toledo native, Schurfeld has also enjoyed international success as an athlete. As a member of the U.S. National Rugby team he participated in the 1999 World Cup held throughout Europe.

BusinessVoice has been recognized for excellence once again, this time with a 5th District Addy Award for its work on behalf of Midwest Computer Support. The 5th District consists of all American Advertising Federation clubs in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Of the 45 Toledo-area Addy winners that advanced to the recent District competition, the BusinessVoice entry was one of only a few to capture a District award. It is now eligible for the national competition which will be held at the American Advertising Federation's annual conference in Las Vegas on June 22nd.

"This is another exciting achievement for our Creative and Production Departments," said BusinessVoice president Jerry Brown. "We're very proud to represent Toledo and Northwest Ohio at the national level."

It's the next step in the progression of Internet marketing: Web Audio Messaging. And BusinessVoice can make it work for your site.

Web Audio Messaging reinforces your company's unique selling proposition, emphasizes key points and directs your target audience to take specific actions. It also improves visitor awareness and creates a more positive perception of your Web site.

The BusinessVoice Web Services team uses streaming media technology to deliver audio to site visitors. According to BusinessVoice Account Executive Rich Schurfeld, "the audio messages provide the 'stickiness' that keeps visitors on a site."

Audio messages are professionally written, voiced, recorded and downloaded at the BusinessVoice studios, and can be updated as often as necessary to keep a Web site fresh and informative.

For more details on Web Audio, contact Rich Schurfeld at 800/473-9004, ext. 123.

Tuesday, 01 February 2000 19:00

BusinessVoice Wins "Best of Show"

At the recent Addy Awards ceremony presented by the Toledo Advertising Club, BusinessVoice won its second "Best of Show - Electronic" trophy in three years. The agency was acknowledged for the On Hold Messaging it created for Midwest Computer Support.

"This really is an exciting honor for us. To be awarded Best of Show for the second time in just three years is quite an achievement," said BusinessVoice president Jerry Brown.

Creative Director Scott Greggory wrote and voiced the winning entry. Mike Cleveland served as recording engineer and Amy Ashcroft provided additional voice talent.

The agency also won an Addy Award and a Citation of Excellence in the category of On Hold Messaging.

Saturday, 01 January 2000 19:00

BusinessVoice Director Appointed to Board

BusinessVoice is pleased to announce that Director of Presentation Services Dan O'Connor has been appointed to the Toledo Advertising Club's Board of Directors. Mr. O'Connor was already serving on the organization's Addy Awards committee, and will soon be working as the Co-Chairman of the Ad Club's annual auction. As Director of Presentation Services for BusinessVoice, O'Connor oversees the agency's radio, television, multimedia and original music production. For more information on these services, call 800/473-9004.

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