Point-of-Entry Marketing


MadAveGroup helps you create positive experiences with everyone who enters your organization; whether they call you on the telephone, visit your website, or walk through your front door.

The most awarded Point-of-Entry Marketing professionals in the world, we develop and manage custom, comprehensive, and consistently refined marketing programs that help you build customer share, increase customer retention, and reinforce your brand identity.

We are not a one-time fix. We provide long-term, highly creative and well-executed Point-of-Entry Marketing solutions for those who share our passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

"Since bringing almost all of our digital marketing and on hold services to the MadAveGroup, we have noticed a substantial increase in traffic across many platforms. Plus, with the multiple companies working together, we are able to create cohesive strategic plans at a substantial amount of savings. I would recommend them to anyone looking to take their company to the next level in the digital sphere."

Dan Trzeciak, Marketing Director
Levin Tire and Service Center


10 Reasons Point-of-Entry Marketing Is So Important

Reason #1

Always Reach Your Most Important Target Audience - Your Existing Customers and Interested Prospects.

Broadcast, print, outdoor, or any other traditional advertising can’t guarantee every impression it makes will be on a viable prospect or customer. But Point-of-Entry Marketing can. While your traditional advertising may only reach the eyes or ears of your targeted audience one out of a thousand times (or less), P.O.E.M will make impressions only on interested prospects and customers 100% of the time.