What You Should Know About Us


Top Workplace in Toledo 2020Top Workplace in Toledo 2021We always want to meet creative types. Problem solvers. Relationship builders. People who embrace the challenges of marketing and find value in the type of work we do for our clients.

When people enjoy what they do and where they do it, they do it better and with more passion. So, if you’re interested in joining our team, it’ll be just as important to us that you love who we are as an agency and as a workplace.

MadAveGroup was named one of Ohio's Best Employers in 2013. Details here.

Best Employers in Ohio We were also named a Top Workplace in 2020 and 2021. Energage is a company that studies successful organizations and then applies what they learn to help other companies improve their culture. After surveying employees at hundreds of area companies, Energage named MadAveGroup a Top Workplace and presented us with the only special award for "Superior Appreciation." Among all nominated companies, we have the highest percentage of team members who acknowledge feeling appreciated at work. Read the story here.

Want to Join Our Team?

Company culture and employee satisfaction are two of our top concerns. And we’ve found the best way to keep employees looking forward to Monday mornings is to not only make sure their experience and skill sets are good matches to their positions, but to ensure their personalities are a good fit for their roles. We have a 10-minute profile that helps us do just that.

So, if you’re interested in having a conversation about career possibilities at MadAveGroup, the first step is to take a few minutes to fill out this survey:

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We’ll use your profile results to match you with the best-fitting role here at MadAveGroup.

What Defines the MadAveGroup Vibe?

Mad Ave VolleyballWe’re loose and comfortable, but serious about what we do. You’ll see a dog or two walking around the office, or a couple of guys throwing a ball down a hallway just as often as you’ll see glowing client testimonials being shared with the entire staff via email.

When you're having fun, coming to work is a pleasure. And when work is a pleasure you commit to it every day. Sure, our employees benefit from our environment, but our clients do, too.