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Why You Should Re-Think Your Radio and TV Spots

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Radio Spots

There are several good reasons to let us create your radio and TV commercials.

1) We believe that the impressions you make via broadcast channels can last well beyond the short time your spots are actually on the air. When the message and creative are right and the production is well executed, your commercials will resonate with your audience and provide long-term value for your brand.

2) When you leave the production of your commercials to the radio or TV station, there's a very good chance your spots will sound like most of the other spots they produce. That means your commercials are less likely to stand out and make the kind of impression that moves your audience to action.

3) Most radio and TV stations will throw in the creative and production free of charge when you buy air time. But ask yourself: how much effort and care will any station put into something they're giving away? Good commercials are worth paying for. Bad commercials can be costly to your brand image and waste your marketing dollars.

4) If you're already our client, we know about your goals, who you are as a company, and the brand identity you want to project. We're invested in your success, so you can be sure that we'll develop radio and/or TV content and a strategy that address your short and long-term goals.

When and Where to Air Your Spots

Creating effective commercials is important to the success of your broadcast advertising, but if your spots are not seen or heard often enough by the right audience at the right times of the day, or if they cost you too much to air, your campaign may not be effective.

That's why we recommend using the services of an experienced media buyer. These experts know where and when to place your commercials in order to best reach your target audience. They also can leverage the total volume of time they buy in order to secure a lower rate for you.

Through discovery and understanding your needs, our experienced media buyers can craft a strategic approach that will minimize your risk while advancing your exposure. 

By the way, our media buying services don't cost you any additional money!

Call us for more details: 866/473-9000.

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