"I have nothing but good things to say! So easy to work with. Communication is awesome! We have been very pleased."

LaKrista Graham, Retail Assistant
TN Bank


"The MadAveGroup team has been great to us over the years, and much of any success we now enjoy can be tracked back to the help we got (and continue to receive) from a small group of businesses like yours. Thank you for all you've done. It's quite remarkable."

Dan Liebrecht, Founder
Clean Guru


"My already high regard for your excellent customer service and talent climbs higher every time I am in your company. Thanks, Team MadAveGroup. We love working with you!"

Karen Culler
Kingston Healthcare


"The staff at MadAveGroup / BusinessVoice has a way of making me feel like I am their most important customer. The level of support and true concern for my satisfaction really define their professionalism. It’s near impossible to find customer service at this level these days. I can’t say enough how happy I am to have them on my team."

Steve Eaton, CEO
Med-Line Express Services


"I have to say that it is not often that I am surprised by a company, but you just surprised me. You checking in to see how the experience feels from a client perspective is impressive. Thank you."

Daniel Lucas, Senior Manager / Client Service
Equity Trust


"We absolutely love your work. You guys are awesome."

Elizabeth Reynolds, Vice President and Chief Retail Officer
First Fed Delta


"I want to say a huge thanks for all the hard work you have done on the site! It looks so much better than I could have even imagined. I know a thank you isn't much, but I just wanted to acknowledge you and your team for all their hard work and dedication over the last weeks / months."

Amy J. Leroux, Compliance Officer
VacationLand Federal Credit Union


"The video is awesome! You did an incredible job, as usual. You and your team are true professionals in every sense! I'm so impressed by the 1950's look you created. The acting and costumes were perfect and the backgrounds you superimposed were realistic, but not distracting. The intro music is fun and relevant, and the script was well written and funny. You did an excellent job! Thank you."

Sharon Tipping, Marketing Manager
Parker Steel Company


"You rock! We sure do appreciate your commitment to customer service."

Amy Leach, Director of Corporate PR & Marketing
Blanchard Valley Health System

"We've gotten a lot of good feedback about our Aroma Marketing, both from customers and employees. It's a great scent. SensoryMax really did an excellent job creating it."

Tony Guerrera, General Sales Manager
Pompano Beach Lincoln

"Messages-on-hold are often one of the most painful of customer ordeals. ('Your call is important to us. One of our representatives will be with you shortly.' Cue static-ridden elevator music. Repeat.) But when done right by [BusinessVoice] with actual humor, it takes a customer hassle and elevates it to a customer experience you tell others about. Click through to check out a couple samples. They're addictive, and brilliant marketing."

Bill Cusick
Author and CX Expert


"If I knew you were going to be so much fun to work with and this was going to be so easy, I wouldn't have waited so long." 

John Rasmussen
Milliken Millwork

“Essence of Lincoln signature scent is a subtle, yet powerful tool for our dealers to use to help clients make an emotional connection to their store and the Lincoln brand.”

Dennis Carnevale, Experience Training Manager
Lincoln Motor Company