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Monday, 28 November 2011 15:12

Your Customers Want a Good Laugh!

Written by Scott Greggory
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So often the things we share with friends and family are the things that make us laugh: a funny email, a goofy video, a sarcastic card. The fact that we want to be known for creating or passing along funny material proves just how much we value humor.

Now, what if you - as a business owner or member of your company's marketing team - could capitalize on your audience's innate desire to laugh? What if you could use humor to attract attention, create a unique impression, and differentiate your brand? What if you could provide a more enjoyable experience for your callers?

Well, you can - with Humor On Hold from BusinessVoice. Talk with your BusinessVoice Creative Consultant for more details. If you're not yet a BusinessVoice client, call us toll-free: 866/473-9733.

By the way, we're happy to announce that our humorous approach to On Hold Marketing has been honored once again with a Gold MarCom Award. Watch this video version of the OHM we created for Walter's Goodyear. (See the video here.)

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