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A Few Words

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Words Matter

Okay, so maybe you're not a writer.

That's fine. That may be one of the reasons you rely on us to create marketing messages for your company.

Writer or not, though, you appreciate that words are key to communicating your ideas and who you are to your audience. Certainly they're too important to be left to chance, right? That's why those of us in marketing choose words carefully when crafting our clients' content. It’s one of the reasons you trust us.

And words don't need to be spoken to convey a tone or attitude. Silent words on a page can be just as inspiring and persuasive and guiding as those in the most loudly amplified speech.

And they can do just as much damage.

I’ve shared my philosophy with our agency’s writers many times: “Every word is an opportunity to change a business, affect a life, create something shareable, move people or make them laugh. You have great power.”

The words we choose reveal so much about our hearts.

Words can change the world. And have. Many times over.

Now and always, words matter.

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