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Monday, 02 May 2011 11:55

BusinessVoice Dominates 2011 On Hold Messaging Assoc. Awards

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Point-Of-Entry Marketing agency BusinessVoice earned three of the five trophies presented at this year's MARCE Awards, the annual competition presented by OHMA - the On Hold Messaging Association. The winners were announced April 16th at OHMA's 11th annual conference in St. Louis.

MARCE is an acronym for MARketing and Creative Excellence. The awards are given to acknowledge creative and marketing excellence among On Hold Messaging providers, with a long-term goal of continually raising the industry's standards, as well as the expectations of clients and their callers. For these reasons, the MARCE Award is a coveted symbol of industry leadership.


BusinessVoice has won more OHMA awards than any other organization - ten, since the competition began in 2005. (It was originally called The Holdie Awards.)

Once again, BusinessVoice used a humorous approach, winning a Judge's Choice Award for its work on behalf of The Binkelman Corporation and a pair of Silver MARCE Awards for two On Hold Messaging productions it created for Walter's Goodyear.

Click here to listen to "Here's a Fun Game You Can Play" for The Binkelman Corporation.

Click here to listen to "California Drivin'" for Walter's Goodyear.

Click here to listen to "Clown Cars" for Walter's Goodyear.

All entries were judged on their copy, voice, production value, and On Hold Messaging format. Special emphasis is placed on two more areas: creativity and marketing effectiveness. The three judges also provided written remarks on each entrant. About the BusinessVoice entries they wrote the following:

"Well-written, funny, irreverent. Wasn't hit over the head with facts. Could listen all day to these."

"Your final goal was well executed. Very well done. An interesting approach. Kept me listening and time passed quickly, while still featuring [the client's] product lines well."

"Another great entry from this group [BusinessVoice]. Writing is key to everything. Love the bit about the owner, Walter."

"Well done. Made the time pass pleasantly and with more than a chuckle or two."

For details on On Hold Messaging and other Point-Of-Entry Marketing services from BusinessVoice, please call 866/473-9000 or visit

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