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Monday, 28 February 2011 14:35

BusinessVoice's Creative Marketing Wins Big at 2011 ADDY Awards

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The Point-Of-Entry Marketing agency BusinessVoice won five awards for creative and advertising excellence at the 2011 ADDY Awards, presented by the Advertising Club of Toledo, a local affiliate of the American Advertising Federation. The awards were announced at the ADDY Awards ceremony, which was held February 24, 2011 at the Stranahan Theatre Great Hall in Toledo, Ohio.

BusinessVoice earned two Gold ADDY Awards, two Silver ADDY Awards, and one of only three Judge's Choices Awards. Four of the wins were for humorous On Hold Marketing productions, and one was a humorous self-promotional online video for its in-house web company.

Why Use Humor On Hold? 

"We've had great success using humor on hold for our clients," said BusinessVoice Creative Director Scott Greggory. "Our first goal when applying funny content is to get the audience's attention. We know that callers can focus on other tasks or slip into a 'zombie stare' while they're on hold rather than listening to the On Hold Messaging, so we work to snap them out of it, and pull them in with humor. Once they're engaged, we can slip in the client's marketing message. And that message goes down a lot easier when it's wrapped in humor."

Greggory says BusinessVoice has earned more than 100 industry awards for creative and marketing excellence from local, regional, national and international competitions. No company in the On Hold Marketing industry can come close to that achievement, he says. In fact, BusinessVoice has also won more of the On Hold Messaging Association's MARCE awards than any other member company.

In explaining why he chose one of the BusinessVoice entries to receive a Judge's Choice Award, one ADDY judge wrote, "This piece rocks! The writing is key for any audio, print or visual advertising, especially for audio since it doesn't get an assist from pictures. The writing - and the delivery of the voice talent - made this piece stand out. In fact, both submissions from this entrant were creative, entertaining and, most importantly, informative. [The entry] elicited giggles and guffaws [from all judges]. I wanted to call the number and be put on hold, the stuff was so good. The key for me when it comes to audio is to entertain, then inform. Well done!"

Listen to the Award-Winning On Hold Messaging

To listen to the humorous On Hold Messaging that won the Judge's Choice ADDY Award, click here.

To listen to the humorous On Hold Messaging that won a Gold ADDY Award, click here.

To watch the 30-second online video that won a Silver ADDY Award, click here.

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