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Friday, 30 November 2007 20:00

BusinessVoice Wins MarCom Award; Staff Celebrates Irresponsibly

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BusinessVoice is pleased to announce its recent win of a 2007 MarCom Gold Award. The company would also like to apologize for its staff’s overzealous behavior in the wake of the victory.

“We’ve won several dozen awards for creative and marketing excellence,” said BusinessVoice president Jerry Brown sheepishly, “but this is our first MarCom Gold Award, so I guess the staff was extra excited.”

In joyous celebration, BusinessVoice employees danced the night away to hot jazz played on a hand-cranked record machine. They shot off fireworks in small, contained areas; recited off-color limericks; arm wrestled; juggled small axes; and challenged one another to hard cider guzzling contests. And that was just the women.

BusinessVoice received the MarCom Gold award for a self-promotional On Hold Messaging production called “The Ball Game,” a humorous take on a baseball game between the Glass City Shards and the Johnstown Donkeys.

“We hope our tomfoolery has in no way tarnished the reputation of the MarCom Awards,” said Brown. “I’d sooner eat a corn cob pipe from stem to bowl than besmirch their good name.” The MarCom Awards is an international creative competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. More than 5,000 entries were received this year.

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