Jessica Speweike


"I consider myself a lifelong learner," said Jessica, "so I tend to ask lots of questions - sometimes too many for some people."

That natural inquisitiveness and her passion for telling other peoples' stories led to Jessica earning her Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Bowling Green State University.

After working for BGSU's campus newspaper, including the breaking news beat for a year, Jessica served as an education reporter in Ashland, Ohio at The Ashland Times-Gazette.

In 2019, Jessica and a former co-worker earned a first place award for Division II Best Spot News Coverage.

"Technology and trends change, but at the heart of good content is a good story," she said.

"I look at marketing as a way to tell our clients’ stories. But before I can do that I want to understand what makes them tick. Then I can bring their true message to the audience."

Jessica is an avid reader. She also loves her three dogs and outdoor sports. She's been a downhill skier since she was six years old.

Jessica Speweike

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Storytelling is a form of emotional expression. I’m motivated to tell stories and share knowledge with people. I’m also working to become a better writer by learning from others, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and teaching myself to work objectively.

Jessica Speweike