Rob Heath


“Whenever I begin a video project, I always ask 'who is this for?' What does the audience want or need? And where will they be in the buying cycle when they'll see the video?”

Before he joined our team, Rob ran his own video production business for four years. He served many clients, including several in the medical field and food service industry, as well as local farmers. So, he understands that asking questions is one of the keys to generating the best possible content. Rob said, “I have an appreciation for business owners and I always want to provide them with a lot of value.”

Rob earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Film Production from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His work earned the Best of The Knot Award in 2023.

Rob is a fan of film director Michael Mann, painfully spicy food and his wife and four kids. 

Rob Heath

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As a Christian, I'm required to excel in any position in which I'm placed. So, in service to Christ, I will always work my hardest to increase productivity, elevate the quality of my work and be a balm to anyone I interact with, whether a client or colleague.

Rob Heath