Valerie Likens


“I like the energy and the family culture at MadAveGroup,” says Val. “This company truly cares about people; not just our employees, but our clients, too. We want to do what’s best for people. After all these years, the passion is still here.”

In her role as Executive Vice President of Fulfillment, Val serves as the hub of all agency activity. That requires a knack for solving problems. “My talent is being at the center, funneling everything that comes through our department to the right people. So, I need to be adaptive to the needs of our clients and each agency. But I’m always thinking as the client, not as MadAveGroup.”

A member of our team since 1994, Val has seen a lot of shifts in our business over the years and she continues to roll with all of them. “I’m always open to change, and I embrace growth, especially when it concerns our clients.”

Val has overseen most of BusinessVoice's and SensoryMax's larger projects, including nationwide equipment installations and key and major account program roll-outs. She also developed many of our client service and order fulfillment processes and procedures.

One of Val’s favorite on-going projects is developing custom playlists for our in-store music clients. “It makes me happy when clients tell me that their customers express how much they enjoy the music we program.”


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"Valerie, you have been such an asset to the Mitsubishi team."

Mikel Montoya

"Hi, Valerie - Thank you for reaching out. The process of working with your team has been absolutely seamless. I’m looking forward to all of our offices being on the same phone system soon so we can launch this at every location. Thank you for the great work!"

Nichole Wichman, Senior Vice President / Chief Marketing Officer
State Bank