The Expressive Therapies Center (ETC) provides low-cost, high-quality mental health support through the arts.

It uses art, music and dance therapies to improve the lives of people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other psychological and emotional trauma.

As a new organization, ETC needed to effectively communicate its unique purpose in the nonprofit and mental health services space to potential supporters, beneficiaries and the Northwest Ohio community as a whole.

MadAveCollective provided in-depth discovery, logo development and copywriting services to establish a clear brand identity, position and perspective for the organization.

We also developed a guide for brand standards that explains the graphic representation, identifies usage parameters, and includes key language points to help the organization maintain consistency in future marketing efforts.

MAC redesigned and rebuilt to improve the user experience, elevate the brand presentation, optimize the site for search engines, and make it an effective tool for marketing communications and organizational growth.

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