Founded in 1993 as the retail division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, ParkerStore outlets provide hydraulic and pneumatic products, including hoses, tubing and filters.

Our SensoryMax agency creates in-store video marketing content for ParkerStore’s LobbyVision program. The videos are targeted at customers in its stores across the U.S. and Canada.

From the portal page of a website, each Parker distributor can select up to 40 short videos that play on its behind-the-counter monitor. The videos periodically interrupt live cable and satellite programs to inform in-store customers about various products and procedures.

That makes it easier for ParkerStores to upsell and cross-sell. The video marketing content also keeps customers informed and occupied during their time at the counter, resulting in shorter perceived waits.

“LobbyVision has a positive effect on customer experience and correlates to customers’ likelihood to recommend ParkerStore to others. The equipment install and service from MadAveGroup make implementation simple for distribution. LobbyVision provides valuable and timely content that is important to distributors and customers.”

Jeff Falkowski, Marketing Communications Manager

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